Wesley Water Chief – Media Coordinator

Oki, as the media coordinator I supervise the staff and oversee the daily operation of the media department, which includes our local newspaperAitsinikiand radio station 104.7 FM. Prior to being hired, I served one term on Siksika council, and 13 years as Public Relations Representative for the Siksika Nation tribal administration.

(w) 403-734-5340

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Carly Weasel Child – Communications Officer

(w) 403-734-5574

(c) 403-901-8762

Dana Stonechild: Oki my name is Dana Stonechild i am the office administrator for Siksika Media. I ensure that SIksika media is run smoothly and efficiently. I also take care of advertising for Aitsiniki and THe Nations Station 104.7FM.

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